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Yelling at concrete is thrice monthly podcast for coffee and conversation, taking a look at the life and interests of the guests who chat with me as well as taking an introverted look at topics I'm interested in!

Graham is an artist and passionate creative who thrives on generating conversation and discussion in a more abstract manner than just posing questions so three weeks out of each month with a one week breather he sits down to have a cuppa and chat. When guests come they bring their own topic so every episode is lead by the guests interests and what they want to discuss and the solo casts are wandering thoughts on subjects which interest Graham. The goal is keep the subjects diverse and give people a space to just have a chill and talk about what's really going on.

You can catch the show three times a month on a Friday and follow it through the year as Graham brings you a range of guests and topics. The key word is conversation so we don't edit we just talk and that allows us to relax and really get into subjects. I hope you'll join us.

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