Um, No: Convoluted Malaysian election explained + more top stories | WTF SEA + HK | November 24, 2022


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Staying true to the WTF spirit of this podcast is the outcome of the recent Malaysian election where Barisan Nasional, the right-wing alliance headed by the once-undefeatable Umno party, lost big. With no parties dominating seats in the Malaysian parliament, the country’s government hangs in the balance — and Coconuts KL’s Aminah Farid joins us to shed light on yet another political shitshow in Southeast Asia. Tune in!

Other stories include:

Cianjur earthquake: Governor confirms 162 killed, mostly children | Senior officials insist cannabis won’t be recriminalized | ‘My clothing doesn’t define me’: Aussie beauty influencer Kelsey Foster on staying positive amid criticism over Bali orphanage visit | Leni Robredo recreates ‘Crash Landing on You’ scenes in recent trip to Zurich | Englishman In Singapore: Sting to perform at The Star Theatre in March | Fossil fraud: T-rex skeleton pulled from HK auction after paleontologist raises doubts about its authenticity

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