So You’re Single Again ft. Anisha Ramakrishna


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In this episode, I am virtually joined by Anisha Ramakrishna from Bravo’s Family Karma and Currently Cringing Podcast. We discuss getting out of a long relationship and being single again, being two different people with friends and family, Indian culture vs. American culture, if we should date someone who was raised similar, splitting checks with a partner, changing your mind in relationships, the importance of toxic and healthy relationships, losing our libidos, keeping the door open after a break up, how to get a guy hooked, knowing when to break your own rules, how much to share about our sex lives on our podcasts, and more. This episode starts with a solo where I discuss how to approach your desired gender when you see them, the different phases of my 20s, the stigma of being single in your 30s, fears/concerns about long term commitment, and men who are intimidated by successful women. with code ACME for $100 off your first month with code acme for 20% off to get your free 30 day trial

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