We Built This City Season 3 - Launches 9th September


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Lisa Morton returns with more of the incredible people who have put the heart and soul in to the iconic city region of Greater Manchester. Find out who is the first guest of the new season.
Manchester is known around the world for music, sport, art, culture, tv, food and much much more. In these conversations with inspirational Mancunians - born, bred or adopted - Lisa Morton is on a journey to discover what drives them. What are their values? What is their purpose? And what is their legacy?
Most of all - what can we learn from people who work to "plant trees they will never see?"
In Season 2 you met Mancunians like boxer Sam Hyde; fitness guru, actor and presenter Gemma Atkinson; poet Lemn Sissay, and the former and current CEO of Manchester City Council: Sir Howard Bernstein and Joanne Roney OBE.
This season features many more of the inspiring stories that have built this city, at a time when we are rebuilding this city.
Thank you for listening to We Built This City - the new season launches on September 9th and we can't wait to share our next set of incredible Mancunians.

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