Ep. 119: Leisa Peterson | New Earth Wealth Consciousness


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In this episode of Visionary Souls, we explored...

  • How Leisa’s awakening journey started; various tragedies catalyzed her journey of diving deep into mindfulness and spiritual healing

  • How she understands worth and how there are different dimensions through which we can look at worth

  • When she wrote her book, she had to go backwards and inside of what she calls a hell realm in order for her to write at the level that the mass consciousness could be able to understand

  • Writing a book is such a deep journey of integration and growth: we birth ourselves anew in the process

  • How one of the most triggering aspects of money is judgement

  • How we’re opening up to these new possibilities of how value is created and how do we discern where to place value

  • When we see something (a lesson or trauma) complete, there’s a softening, disintegration of energy and we see that we learned what we had to learn in order to be ready to receive a new kind of experience

  • How she’s in the “Market Place”, where before the absolute dissolution of the ego identification occurs, she has no idea of the time and space, dimension of when that will happen which doesn’t matter

  • What matters is full actualization in what is pulling and tugging her; allowing herself to lean into that completely

And SOUL much more...come play!

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