Episode 43: TCA-SW — Tool Chain Analyzer for Software


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In this final episode of the first season of our podcast, Dr. Oscar Slotosch discusses Validas’s Tool Chain Analyzer for Software (TCA-SW), which contains the automated document generation and visual representations that can help you effectively ‘re-engineer’ your projects with safety as a priority. Tune in to learn about the intricacies of the TCA-SW and the differences and similarities in the approach Validas takes to analyze tools and libraries using their Tool Chain Analyzer.

If you would like to see the TCA in practice, we invite you to watch our video demonstration on the HUBCAP platform, and if you would like to listen to some of our earlier episodes, join us in Episode 11: Tool Chain Analyzer, Episode 41: Validas’s Generic Safety Plan, or Episode 21: How to Save Money by Tool Qualification.

Your producer and friendly representative of the audience in this episode has been Ivana Kurecic.

We can be reached through podcast@validas.de and all information about Validas can be found on our website, validas.de.

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