Episode 31: Safety of C++ Exceptions — Deep Dive with Mapless AI


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This episode brings you a special discussion of C++ exceptions, in which Dr. Oscar Slotosch and Jakob Riedle of Validas joined forces with Dr. Philipp Robbel, Principal of Mapless AI, an up-and-coming company conducting research in applied artificial intelligence and autonomous system safety. Tune in to learn about the way C++ exceptions are handled in safety-critical projects, which requirements common safety standards have for their use, and how Mapless AI integrates exceptions in their projects — creating safe autonomy that doesn’t rely on maps.

If you would like to contact Philipp or learn more about his work, visit Mapless.AI.
To hear Oscar’s earlier discussion on C++ with Jakob, listen to our Episode 28: ForeC++ — Test Case Generator, to enjoy Oscar’s introduction to the ISO 26262 safety standard, listen to Episode 33: ISO 26262, and to learn more about C and C++ compilers, join us in Episode 20: SuperTest with Marcel Beemster (Solid Sands). Some of the topics from this episode have been discussed in more detail in one of our newer episodes, Episode 42: Static Analysis with Daniel Kästner (AbsInt).

Your producer and friendly representative of the audience in this episode has been Ivana Kurecic.

We can be reached through podcast@validas.de and all information about Validas can be found on our website, validas.de.

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