Episode 27: Compiler Qualification


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After a crucial introduction to the role of code coverage in qualification, in our Episode 26, Dr. Oscar Slotosch gives an in-depth analysis of the methods, procedures, and pitfalls in the qualification of compilers. Join us to learn which properties of compilers make them so difficult to qualify, why source code coverage doesn’t provide a sufficient argument for qualification, where it is likely to find flows in existing test strategies for compiler qualification — and how Validas approaches these complex problems.

To hear Oscar’s conversation with Marcel Beemster about compiler qualification strategies, listen to Episode 20: SuperTest with Marcel Beemster (Solid Sands), for a refresher on qualification test strategies, join us in our Episode 12: Qualification Test Strategies, and to check out the Arm functional safety C library Oscar mentioned as a great example of a qualified library within a qualified compiler, click here.

If you are wondering whether non-deterministic compilers can also be qualified, we have answered that question for you in one of our short episodes: Question 02: Can a non-deterministic compiler be qualified?

Your producer and friendly representative of the audience in this episode has been Ivana Kurecic.

We can be reached through podcast@validas.de and all information about Validas can be found on our website, validas.de.

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