12 Part 1: Creating Sellable Offers


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If you're not attracting as many clients as you'd like, you're going to LOVE this episode.
I'm doing things a little differently ...
I've split this into a 3-part series so you can have a week in between episodes to action ideas.
Here's the plan:
Part 1 How to make sure your idea is sellable (this episode)
Part 2 Promoting your offer to attract paid clients
Part 3 Processes that convert browsers to buyers
So, grab a notepad and pen and get ready to create a thought-dump of all the ideas that come to mind while you listen!
In this episode, I share ideas to help you:

  • Lessen the feeling of risk or apprehension your potential clients might be facing
  • Pay attention to small details that will make your offer stronger
  • Check that your idea is robust i.e. something your clients will invest in

What you can do next:

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  2. If you're a tutor, check out The Tutors' Mastermind

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- Sumantha

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