Up Close & Personal with Producer, Arranger & Musician Mark Mixx


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A native Detroiter that grew up listening to music and because of his infatuation with music he knew at an early age that one day he would embark on a musical career. During his early years while Mark was still in elementary school in 1984 he joined the band where he took up the art of playing drums and percussion, which carried over to middle and high school after graduation Mark added the piano. Tha Street Jazz Cartel: In 2006 Mark Mixx decided to produce a Jazz CD on his independent record label. He assembled some talented Detroit musician to collaborate and play on the “Street Jazz Project, Johnny Barnes (trumpet), Steve Cooley (trumpet), Shane "Sugar" McKeever (keys), Wayne White (keys), Issac Pippen (keys), Jeff Canady (drums), Antonio Johnson (drums) Deblone Jackson (flute), Don Whyte (sax), Marty Montgomery (sax), Charles Jones (trombone), Stevo (bass), Derrick Bartel (guitar), Eddie Taylor (trumpet) Randal Wilson (guitar), and Mark Mixx (percussion and keys) “Tha Street Jazz Cartel” The Street Jazz CD is currently getting radio airplay in Detroit, Atlanta, and other parts of the country plus overseas and online stations. Mark Mixx and Tha Street Jazz Cartel has performed with world renowned names like Michael Franks, Alex Bugnon, Marion Meadows, Mindi Abair and more. The Cartel also appeared on Fox 2 Detroit. In October 2011 Mark Mixx and Tha Street Jazz Cartel performed for the Rainbow Push Coalition for The Rev. Jesse Jackson 70th anniversary. In 2012 Tha Street Jazz Cartel released their sophomore album on Isis Style Music intited “Cartel Drive” and expect much more success on this release. In July 2013 the Street Jazz Cartel performed on the Dave Koz Summer Horns Tour Dave Koz, Gearld Albright, Richard Elliott, Mindi Abair.

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