Friends Tribute to Contemporary Jazz Keyboardist William "Sure Will" Clark


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Sure Will ​ William “Sure Will” Clark Is a five-time Grammy and Emmy award winning producer whose musical resume goes back well over thirty years with humble beginnings playing in the church in Buffalo, New York. Sure Will has written for Whitney Houston, Jasmine Sullivan, and Natalie Cole. In addition, he has had the honor and pleasure of performing with several other Grammy Award winning artists: Al Jarreau, George Duke, Mary J. Blige, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, New Edition, NeYo, Adele, Cardi B and Sade. A dynamic breakout Smooth Jazz Artist in his own right. Sure Will plays Keyboards, Drums, Bass Guitar, Alto Saxophone and Clarinet. There is no question about it, music is his calling and he is highly respected among his peers and A-List artist, for his humility, professionalism and stellar musical talent! He has performed live at The City of Carson Jazz Festival, Las Vegas Hilton Annual Awards, The Long Beach Jazz Festival, NeYo and Faith Evans World Tour, JVC Jazz Festival, Newport Jazz Festival as well as performing multiple times for the Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, BET Awards, and Country Music Awards. Sure Will is an Arranger, Composer, Recording Artist and Music Director that continues to inspire the world through the sound of musical composition and heads up Sure 4 Productions and his record label, Bill’s Kid’s Music.

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