UM 042: REPLAY - Be Willing To Suffer: An Interview With Anthony Diehl


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Suffer – experience or be subjected to something bad or unpleasant

This week we revisit one of our best episodes – an interview with fitness guru and all-around good dude, Anthony Diehl! We hope you guys enjoy it and look forward to getting back to new episodes next week!

In this episode of Untaming Masculinity, Dan and Brad have the opportunity to sit down with our friend, world-class professional strongman, bodybuilder, and fitness coach Anthony Diehl.

Anthony shares the incredible journey that took him from working in corporate America to being able to build a successful coaching business. Oh, and he also conquered the strongman world! He finishes by talking about his pivot into bodybuilding and how he’s focused on providing incredible resources to other coaches.

What sets a man apart is a willingness to suffer. Take risks. Be ok failing. Anthony discusses the trajectory of his life and how it took a powerful turn simply because he was willing to take risks and potentially fail. He, like many of us, was presented with some pivotal moments in his life to take a chance. Ultimately he chose to take them.

Anthony leveraged the foundation he had set for himself in his professional career to create a thriving business, and he shares some tips and advice he learned along the way. He also discusses some of the other projects and companies he’s working with and how he refuses to settle, simply because he is willing to suffer.

Anthony is the self-proclaimed World’s Strongest Nutrition Coach. He has helped hundreds of men and women transform their lives through fitness and nutrition. If you are interested in his coaching or want a great, inspirational, no-holds-barred follow, you can check him out on Instagram (link below). Also, support him and his friends at Hunt Lift Eat on Instagram at @huntlifteatofficial, or check out their website at

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