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UNSTUCK MUSIK present : UNSTUCK MUSIK RADIO SHOW with Label Artists (DJ/Producer) and Live record DJ set Party. INFO : http://www.unstuckmusik.com Early 2015 the project producers Djs, TRAMA, Mathieu & Grau Dvj Niburu finally born! We can say that those three were found as well in their musical culture, their clear vision and their want to share! The logical and natural consequence of their various collaborations: the desire to create together a record company like them combining freshness, groove and diversity. Techno is the niche of UNSTUCK MUSIK, dear musical style of our three acolytes! After all these years pounding passionately the complex machinery of electronic music, shake the dance floor and try out various experiments Event. UNSTUCK MUSIK is to produce artists, always in a quality approach with a subtle sense and originality. Already beautiful musical surprises in perspective, with artists already known and others less but equally talented ... Unstuck MUSIK combines this quality visuals in a strong artistic approach and involving graphic's pearls. In a respectful label, UNSTUCK MUSIK, has its own section of mastering, artists booking and events promoter

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