Becoming Happier Leaders


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☺Become a #Happier Leader: Stop Leading Like you are Choosing Toothpaste" Steve Fredlund helps leaders understand what is getting in their way and gives them insights and practical steps to move toward more joy and fulfillment in their lives and leadership! Join in the conversation!
Steve Fredlund spent 25 years in Fortune 500 companies including Medtronic, 3M, Thrivent Financial and Allianz; he has an MBA and is a fellow of the society of actuaries.
Three years ago, he started Small Business, where he and his team provide entrepreneurs, small business owners and nonprofit leaders with a level of support usually only available to larger organizations.
🗝Key Points in this Episode🗝
04:34 Misalignment Causes Unhappiness
08:42 Are your using your top strengths
14:28 Has your career become toxic in your life?
18:39 What do you want out of life?
20:33 What would be your perfect day?
27:52 Default driven leadership
43:09 Leadership is about creating incredible vision
50:52 You are not a ball
✨Quotes by Steve Fredlund
"Strip away all the SHOULDS from your life"
"Clarity without intentionality is just dreaming"
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