Episode 12 | What have you done to make yourself happy today?


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In this episode, we feature Pratheik Ajit, RF Engineer, Data Capture Solutions, who is based in Germantown, U.S.

"As an RF engineer at Zebra, I have the opportunity to gain insight into developing, testing and troubleshooting hardware for RFID solutions. Outside of work, I enjoy playing cricket and soccer during the weekend. I love going on hikes and getting lost into nature's lap. Of late, I have started to appreciate small things in life that I often used to take as granted and to keep evolving myself. It was an absolute pleasure to be a guest on this podcast and hope that this will be of help to someone." - Music used in this episode: Rebuild by Young Presidents (Purchased on Premium Beat, license available) Corporate Ambient by Eternity Bro (Purchased on Premium Beat, license available)

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