Our Stage Mother Is The Mother Rose Of Gypsy Rose Lee And Baby June AKA June Havoc..Was It Really Like The Movie And Broadway Show??


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April and I talk Mother Rose. She was a pushy broad and they truly lived a gypsy lifestyle. Baby June who later became Dainty June ran away with a boy from the troupe at 13, we are not sure of real age. Mama June may have been involved in two murders, and definitely one attempted murder on Junes boy husband..Luckily the gun jammed..and there were no bullets or he would have been a goner. Very interesting lives these three women had, thanks to their tough tomato Mama. Our finale ends with Natalie Woods stage mom.

Thank you Deborah. We have had a great time doing this series. Thanks so much for suggesting it. You are the best!!

Thank you to my series partner in crime April VeVea. I love you toots!!


Most of all thanks to my listeners. You are the absolute best.

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