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I KNOW job searching is tough.

I don’t just teach it, I’ve done it.

I live it with so many of you I feel as if I’m going through it with you.

I thought it was about time I turned the tables and shared with you exactly how I found my last corporate job.

I’m even gonna throw in some bonus pieces about what I did to change my role right after I started.

And, wouldn’t ya know it, all the tactics I used in 2003 way back when dirt was discovered are the exact same ones I teach today.

Here’s a funny. It’s even easier for job seeker’s today than it’s ever been.

That is a capital “T” truth…provided you take the right steps and don’t do something silly like continue to shove your resume into the Applicant Trashing System.

Regaling starts once you fire up the podcast on 9 Steps to Job Search Success | My Personal Story!

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