A Job Seeker's Guide to Working with Executive Recruiters and 3rd Party Search Firms


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If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me a question about working with executive recruiters, I probably wouldn’t be typing this to you right now. The good news is I don’t have those nickels, which means I get to keep living my real dream of helping you with your career.

Part of helping you with your career means dissecting these thorny people (oooops, meant thorny issues) for you.

In today’s podcast, I open up the entire kimono, which apparently takes exactly 46 minutes and 50 seconds, on working with third-party recruiters and executive search firms.

You’ll get the myths and mistakes that accompany these often-misunderstood individuals and companies.

As a very long-in-the-tooth recruiter myself (see, we’re not all bad), I give you the insider’s view of what recruiters do and how to leverage them for the wonderful assets they can be (no, seriously).

It’s a don’t-miss for anyone who wants to expand their network with and get help from people who are doorways into the employment market.

I hope you carve out the time for A Job Seeker's Guide to Working with Executive Recruiters and 3rd Party Search Firms. It’ll be worth it!

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