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Drugs n Stuff Podcast 108 with Dave Crosland and Scott McNally (Time Stamps Below) 🔴 Video Version : https://youtu.be/FGOfFaZ7-2w ✅ Presented by TRUE NUTRITION. Code : THINK http://www.truenutrition.com 3rd Party Tested, Discover the source that bodybuilders trust ! 🙏 Consider supporting the show through Patreon. Every $5 helps us to continue putting content out. Thank you! https://www.patreon.com/thinkbigbodybuildinghttps://amino-asylum.com Code : THINK (for 20% Off) 0:00 Intro 3:43 Best PreWorkout Steroid 4:45 M Tren aka Methyl Tren aka Oral Tren 11:45 Timing M Tren with your workout 14:00 Different Effects from Test No Ester 16:45 PreWorkout Steroids getting popular with Progressive Overload 21:00 Are Side Effects of High Androgens worth it? 25:00 What other compounds can you use Pre Workout ? 27:00 Dbol Pre Workout - Oral and Injectable 28:00 Do Pre workout orals show results right away or over time ? 31:15 Dave’s client transformation 34:05 Scott’s bikini client - She ended up winning the overall !! 36:15 Is Primo a painful shot? 38:00 Scott’s Injectable L Carnitine experiment 40:25 minocycline and other antibiotics on cycle 43:00 Multiple Pathways to the Androgen Receptor 56:55 Best over the counter liver supplements 1:05:00 hyaluronic acid site enhancement Reach out to Dave : http://www.croslands.org.uk Reach out to Scott : McNallyDiets@gmail.com #bodybuildingpodcast #anabolic #steroids

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