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'The World of Real Estate' takes you behind the scenes of the real estate industry in New York City. This podcast series is hosted by New York real estate powerhouse, Frances Katzen. Frances gives you access to some of the most prestigious leaders in the New York City real estate industry as well as the Global real estate Industry. She lifts the veil on what really goes on behind the scenes of a deal and provides her listeners with unparalleled information. Frances is the founder and leader of The Katzen Team at Douglas Elliman. With well over $3 billion in total real estate sales and consistently selling in excess of $250 million annually, Frances is constantly recognized as an industry leader, speaking to both the press and editorial segments of the real estate sector. She elevates the experience of property acquisition and provides a sharp and detailed memory for real estate data. Her honest, down to earth approach, levels the playing field within the industry, keeping her feet grounded makes for an interesting dynamic in a world that can become quite superficial. This series is a must listen!

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