Episode #5 Adam Franklin of Cobra Canine


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On this episode we have a conversation with Adam Franklin of Cobra Canine. We have known Adam for a number of years, probably more years of his life than not, and in some respects we have watched him grow up and become a trainer at the highest level. Adam discusses what he needed to do in order to get to where he is now. He is frequently faced with the reality that he must excel in all aspects of k9 training simply because the stakes are so high. Adam has over ten years experience in training Canines to detect explosives, narcotics, tracking, tactical obedience and canine apprehension in real-world situations with eminent or emerging security threats. Adam has worked with and trained over 600 canines. Adam started working for Cobra Canine in 2009 and has worked as a trainer for the U.S military since 2011.
Adam comes across as self assured, yet humble at the same time, which are desirable characteristics in this field. We know that you'll appreciate hearing Adam's story and we thank you for listening.
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