S1:E22 A Year of Gathering Small & Loving Deep at the Turquoise Table


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It’s the last 2018 episode of the Turquoise Table Podcast, and I’m in one of my favorite places: the kitchen! Today I’m whipping up a five-ingredient holiday appetizer, Cranberry Pistachio Gruyère Croutons, and thinking about all the wonderful guests we’ve had on the show this year. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to talk to thought makers, authors, experts and leaders who have had shared important lessons on hospitality and community, and how we can connect with the people in our neighborhoods. So today, we’re going to reflect on the wise words of a few guests we’ve had at the table, and how we can carry the lessons they have given us into the new year. (And don’t worry, I’m sharing that over-the-top delicious crouton recipe with you at the end of the show!)

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