S1E1: Prof. John Esposito | Georgetown’s Unlikely Scholar of Islam


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To say Professor John Esposito is an accomplished academic would be an understatement. He's Professor of Islamic studies at the esteemed Georgetown University, has published 60 books (yes, within one lifetime) and is a senior member of the UN Alliance of Civilisations. To make this seem all the stranger, we discover Professor Esposito spent a decade of his life away from his family becoming a Priest (from the impressionable age of 14 no less!). From here, a web of coincidences, hard work and an ingredient we only later discover, take John Esposito from a 14-year old boy to a global authority on Islam. This interview is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster; with lots of laughter, some tears and an abundance of wisdom. Join us as we reflect on the Professor’s life and gain insights into the task ahead for the Muslims in Western contexts.

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