"How Social Justice Has Corrupted Child Welfare In The U.S." – With Author Naomi Schaefer Riley


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When the left weaponizes the rampant problems within the foster care system against the right, they seem to always leave out one KEY component: it’s the LEFT'S SOCIAL JUSTICE POLICIES that are rotting our child welfare system in the U.S. from the inside out. Get ready to be ANGRY and SHOCKED by author and investigative journalist Naomi Schaefer Riley who EXPOSES how the foster care system is ACTUALLY run.
Whether it’s learning that abused kids are used as tools through the child welfare system to promote political and racial ideologies or the fact that Social Justice Warriors have corrupted the system to the point where children are often left with their abusers or DENIED foster care because of their race…this is an episode that will light a FIRE UNDER YOU.

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