E7S9: Tips on Resilience for your Social Impact Career Journey


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In episode 7 of Season 9 Lydia Cardona key tips and lessons from building a career in the growing but still highly competitive social impact space. She highlights how to develop skills, advance networks and find the right (often) winding path, while building a career across diverse sectoral areas. In addition, she discusses strategies for dealing with the ups and downs that frequently occur and being open to the surprising opportunities that emerge during a career journey. Cardona may be the inventor of the term "career mindfulness". If you want to learn what that is, sit down and take a listen.

Lydia works in the social responsibility sector helping translate complex ideas into actionable practice for diverse audiences. She is a firm believer in systems thinking for social change, rooted in her experience working as an advisor on conflict sensitivity, human rights, gender, and climate issues. She is passionate about social justice, sustainability, and community resilience and works actively on these issues in a personal capacity. Lydia holds a masters in International Peace Studies.

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