E4S9: To Don't Lists, Anti Goals and other amazing career advice from Brenda Okorogba


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Behind the Canadian-career consulting firm and very popular Tweeter account MomentswithBren is the amazing Brenda McWilson-Okorogba.

Originally from Nigeria, Brenda is an award-winning service and learning experience designer, grant writer, facilitator and an applied positive Psychology coach with over 9-years of experience ideating, designing and delivering outcome-based programming for diverse learners across industries, sectors and geographies.

In this episode Brenda will talk about her very own Skill Assessment Tool, To Don't lists; how to nail Mentoriships; the Anti-Goals and the Documentation Approach to Networking. Simply, the best career tips you could ever receive.

Telling anything more will spoil the episode. Sit back, relax and enjoy Brenda's wisdom and unparallel energy and then follow her on Tweeter, Medium and Linkedin.

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