S9E8 - (Superman) Injustice: Gods Among Us


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The Joker is still after the proof of his "one bad day" theory.
In an alternate universe, your favorite heroes are finally free to ACTUALLY go bad! At last! This week we read Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One, where Superman reaches his breaking point, crosses the line, and becomes disillusioned with the boundaries of normal heroism.
(If you are reading on DC Unlimited, we are reading issues 1-9, and skipping over #5. If you are reading anywhere else, it's issues #1-3. We invite you to read along with us!)
Monte's theme this season is Black Panther. Veronica's theme is Heroes Go Bad.
Tune in next week for the season finale! Like last time, this season we will be power-ranking the comics to determine the winner AS WELL AS the LOSERS! Join us to determine their fates!
Check out Monte, Veronica, and Melissa's separate guest appearances on Waiting on the Trade! Check out Veronica and Melissa's appearances on Watching Netflix Without You (Monte's to come)! Veronica and Melissa also appeared together on Super Sideshow to discuss the finale of the Hawkeye TV show.

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