Era of Silence Special - Part 2: An Immaculate Conception!


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Era of Silence is Kickstarting This Month! For more information on the game, visit the Shrike Tabletop website.


After a trip to the car dealership for a "high-class, long-term rental", Remy finds themself on a train to parenthood. Aton, Oscar, and Vant get to work on The Perfect Crime (we hope).



  • Robin as the GM
  • Em as Aton
  • Micky as Remy
  • Dan as Oscar
  • Grahame as Vant


Content Warnings:

  • Violence (gun and knife)
  • Drug use, drug making
  • Drugging an unconscious NPC
  • References to fascism and dystopian themes
  • Crime and criminals

If these are themes that you are not in the right head space for, consider listening to these episodes at a later date.


Cover Image by Grahame. Theme music by Andy Ray. Some sound effects for this series from and, with additional music from GameDevMarket and Dark Fantasy Studio.

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