EP#242: Those monkeys were the worst


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Follow-up: Gaetz Gate @6:26 One of our favorite people to hate doubles down @12:27 Arkansas overrode the veto of Gov. Hutchinson, banning gender-affirming medical treatments for minors @17:45 Arkansas State House has overwhelmingly voted to let science teachers in public schools teach creationism News: George Floyd,Daunte Wright, and police in general @21:49 Politics: Biden on gun control and AFT @40:37 the Supreme Court, nixing California’s pandemic restrictions on home-based Bible study @43:50 QAnon representative Marjorie Taylor Greene raised $3 million for her reelection so far. @46:22 Religious Nonsense: A provision of TN law says that clergy and atheists can’t hold office. One is going away. @48:51 Look at all those Bible contradictions! @53:49 Radio host Steve Quayle on Jim Bakker show @55:44 And Tom Horn Coronavirus: Dashboard CFI: Coronavirus Resource Center FDA is keeping a running list of phoney COVID-19 products Because of reports of rare blood clots from the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine (rare, as in six people so far), the FDA and CDC are calling for a pause in its use. @1:01:45 40 percent of U.S. Marines say they won’t get the vaccine. @1:03:29 On the rise of “Islamic medicine” in Iran, pseudoscientific cures hawked by clerics @1:06:00 Islamic leaders saying it’s okay to get vaccinated during Ramadan. People are still trying to get their hands on ivermectin @1:13:34 Trump talk @1:15:43 Final stories: Yahoo answers shutting down May 4 @1:17:15

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