#282: Ending Long Covid Tyranny—Dr. Ryan Cole, MD


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Dr. Ryan Cole is Medical Director and CEO of Cole Diagnostics, an independent full service pathology laboratory located in Boise, Idaho and serving patients regionally and nationally. He is also an unusually clear communicator when to comes to exposing lies told in the name of “science.” Dr. Cole was a featured presenter at the Truth Over Fear summit (check out the link), and has been telling anyone who will listen that this is a false pandemic, that masks do not work, and the mRNA injection is not even a vaccine. Here he reviews the least you need to know about the whole Covid phenomenon, both big picture, and local examples. A good interview to share with friends, skeptics, and those who are both.

In this Interview You Will Learn:

  • How the “vaccinated” have damaged their natural immunity and enhance their Omicron acquisition vulnerability
  • Why all mandates must be stopped NOW
  • How we know masks don't work and never have
  • When Dr. Cole knew this whole spectacle was a mainly a deception
  • Collecting your data, and not caring for your health, is the whole point of vax passports
  • How to encourage the vital 3% to stand up and fight against this bold tyranny
  • The urgent need to contract your local Congressman to defund the ridiculous Disinformation Governance Board of the United States Department of Homeland Security under Nina Jankewisc
  • Why we must STOP the World Health Organization from overtaking national constitutions and laws for future “pandemics”

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