#260: Has Australia Fallen?—Monica Smit


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Journalist, Catholic pilgrimage leader, and now freedom fighter Monica Smit didn’t grow up in a politically active family and didn’t pay much attention to things like health care, elections, and medical industry corruption.

But she is committed to the full-tilt fight of her life against her own government’s police state-like overreach (been banned, got arrested and jailed in solitary confinement for 22 days, for starters) on behalf of not just her fellow Australians, but anyone in democratic countries who are watching their freedoms vanish thanks to the coronadoom scam.

The short version: it’s really bad in Australia, and this remarkable young woman ain’t having it.

👉How and when she knew Australia was falling into Covid-led totalitarianism 👉How Australian incitement laws work and how she was trapped in their nets. 👉The effect of three weeks’ work of psychological torture known as solitary confinement 👉Details of how vaccine apartheid regime has arisen 👉Why she issued her famous SOS to the world 👉How her rediscovered Catholic Faith has sustained her in trial after trial 👉How she deals with weak Vichy Bishops who to this day lock Catholics out of the sacraments.

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