What's the Difference Between Marketing and PR (Publicity) #prcoach Tips


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PR is what your Pray for... and Marketing is What you Pay For! :)

In other words, you really can't guarantee publicity.... but you can control your marketing dollars.

If anyone says they can guarantee you an interview on a show (that they don't own or produce), you probably need

to check their ethics. Just saying. If they say they can get you placed in a print publication, and they're not the

publisher - you might want to ask some more questions.

A publicist is trained to pitch stories and develop relationships with the media;

but the medium has the "right of refusal" because the media doesn't not work for the publicist.

If there is a "guarantee" - then that's advertising or something else fishy going on.

Publicity gets you visibility and can bring you attention... but marketing is what converts it to sale. You have to

tell to sell - but sales is what you do - NOT the MEDIA. www.PamPerryPR.com

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