Pam Perry interview with Sharrarne Morton, CEO of Morton Media


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Sharrarne Morton (as featured in Speakers Magazine) has been in the media industry for over 20 years. She began her career in high school as the school newspaper editor. She then went to college and hosted her school's radio show while majoring in broadcast journalism.

Sharrarne scored BIG by being invited to speak on television. What was meant to be a one-time shot as a TV show guest, turned into a 14-year stint where Sharrarne was a popular and regular commentator on an ABC television station affiliate in Washington, DC.

As a television commentator, Sharrarne was presented with numerous opportunities to speak to corporate leaders, associations and non-profit organizations about the media, the power of television, and how its messaging can influence generations. While commentating on TV, she launched Morton Media TV where she began to produce and host local TV shows as well as produce and voiceover dozens of commercials.

Sharrarne currently produces and hosts two national shows on SiriusXM Radio with millions of listeners. On one of her shows, Sharrarne coaches small businesses all over the U.S. on how to get to that next level of success. 🎤

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