Ben Arnott


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Our guest for the latest NSMB Podcast is Ben Arnott, a World Cup downhill mechanic, engineer, and small business owner.

Ben spent several years working as the head mechanic for Trek World Racing and the YT Mob and the stories from his time following the circus provide a fascinating look into the World Cup. For six of his years with the teams, Ben was also responsible for the team truck. He got to know it intimately while driving the large rig on the small, European mountain roads to each venue.

But Ben recently pulled back from wrenching for World Cup athletes like Greg Williamson, Angel Suarez, and David Trummer. Instead, he's remained in Canada for the first summer since immigrating and is focused on sharpening his engineering skills with OneUp Components.
He hasn't completely left the wrenching world either and keeps his hands busy servicing products from Formula and EXT, which he imports through his distribution business, Alba. And while no longer wrenching on the World Cup, he's not saying it will never happen again.

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