Ep. 16 - We're America! This Is What We Do - Interview w/ Chad Musgrove


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Chad Musgrove is a Vice President with Lument. Chad has a decade of experience in real estate and consulting financial services after starting his tenure at the firm's headquarters in New York. He relocated to Miami, FL to expand Lument’s commercial lending footprint in Florida and the southeastern US and currently oversees structured financing of Conventional Agency and Small Balance production for Lument Miami. Chad has structured more than $1 Billion in loans for the New York and Miami teams.
To get the most out of an investment, investors need a financial partner with an outstanding track record in the relevant segment — whether it’s multifamily, affordable housing, seniors housing and healthcare, manufactured housing, mixed-use, or other commercial real estate. That’s the kind of depth we offer at Lument. Regardless of property type, clients can expect high levels of personal service and professionalism, from application through closing and servicing.
Contact Chad Musgrove and Lument:
Visit Lument: Link
Chad Musgrove on LinkedIn: Link
Contact Chad Musgrove: 305.714.3196
Email Chad Musgrove: chad.musgrove@lument.com

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