Naman Kumar: From Tackling Pirates on the High Seas to an MBA in Dublin


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Naman Kumar always knew that he wanted to have an international career. After graduating from university, he found himself working as an engineer for A.P Moller - Maersk, living and working on some of the largest ships in the world and managing teams of crew from all across the globe. After sailing around the world, fighting off pirate attacks, and thriving in an intense and challenging environment, Naman decided to take the next step in his career and enrol in the full time MBA program at UCD Smurfit in Ireland. He joins us today to talk about his experience with the course, transitioning from engineering to business, and career options for MBAs in Ireland.
Many students come to an MBA from banking, consulting, or MNC backgrounds, but what about those that don’t? The Modern MBA podcast with Marie Kirwan and Kristen Rossi shares the stories of those transitioning from or using their MBAs in unorthodox MBA sectors including the arts, healthcare, not-for-profit, academia, and more.

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