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With the weekend ahead of us, we've managed to wrangle Will Ramos, of Lorna Shore, to join us for a very special end of the week episode! In today's episode, we discuss if he remembers when he was taught to ride a bike, the first video game he ever defeated, and his opinion on if he has a good memory.

Oh and we also talk about important things too, like the process that Lorna Shore implemented when writing Pain Remains, what artist was most influential for his music, and how sometimes it is helpful to write something passionately and true then deciding not to hit send and deleting it.

Song: Lorna Shore “Pain Remains II: After All I’ve Done, I’ll Disappear”

Song: Lorna Shore “Pain Remains III: In A Sea Of Fire”

Song: Ingested “ From Hollow Words” featuring Sven De Clauwé (Aborted)

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