The Complexity of Human Nature & History | The Matthew Peterson Show Ep. 14


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Contemporary "elite" Americans have a shallow understanding of both history and human nature. Matthew examines the shortcomings of modern therapeutic culture and explains why a recovery of the concept of the soul is the starting point for creating a healthier culture. History isn't merely a long story of oppression; a true understanding of the past involves trying to understand historical actors as they understood themselves, and then extracting ideals of virtue from these complex characters that can be used to inspire us to greatness today. Before signing off, Matt explores the follies (and glories) of the Boomers.

Show Notes:

Empire of the Summer Moon

Wilderness Kingdom: Indian Life in the Rocky Mountains, 1840-1847: the Journals and Paintings of Nicolas Point, S.J

Matt's Twitter thread on the Loss of History, Nobility and Virtue:

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