Wu-Tang's RZA on Redefining Hip-Hop & Building Generational Wealth


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Hip-hop producer RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan always knew he was going to be one of the greats. And believing it was his first step to achieving legendary status.
RZA was confident about what his music would sound like and what he wanted to say. But he also had the confidence that he could turn other artists into stars. All RZA needed was a little time and trust. He asked the members of Wu-Tang to give him five years and he would get them to number one on the charts.
Now known as the Five Year Plan, RZA's deft management of each Wu-Tang artist's styles – and egos – helped shape the storied legacy and immense success of Wu-Tang today. As RZA takes his place as an elder statesman of hip-hop, he's thinking about creating generational wealth for the next crop of young artists. Plus, he tells Jay what he hopes to accomplish with his new album, Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater.
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