How to Become Anchored in Your Purpose with Ruby Maddox


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Do you want to stay more motivated as a business owner? Maybe you need to become clear on your why and need help finding the inspiration to keep going each day. In this episode, Ruby Maddox joins me to share how she went from being a student advisor to a business coach. You want to take advantage of the tips she drops in this chat!

Ruby is a Purpose Coach and the owner of Direct Your Purpose, a Coaching and Consulting business that helps individuals and organizations move from Aspiration to Action on their mission and goals. She has spent more than 15 years working in nonprofit management and philanthropy. Her role as a strategic consultant and facilitator has been dedicated to helping folks cultivate their potential for meaningful contributions to society.

Ruby believes in cultivating community to inspire others and find strength in broken places.

Highlights from my conversation with Ruby:

  • Ruby's journey and arrival (3:15)
  • Comparing students and emerging business owners (9:20)
  • Transforming from a student advisor to a business coach (12:11)
  • The role inspiration plays in someone's direction (14:44)
  • Holding space for clients during execution (16:08)
  • Where motivation comes from (17:50)
  • Anchoring yourself in purpose (19:45)
  • How Ruby works with her clients (22:09)
  • Struggling with specific goals (26:28)
  • How Ruby helps her clients with accountability (29:17)

Are you ready to become anchored in your purpose and set more specific goals? Please reach out and let me know! If you have more questions or feel motivated, head over and book a FREE clarity call with Ruby!

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