218 - Sue Tidwell - Cries of the Savanna and an eye opening adventure in Africa


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HuntFishTravel Podcast 218 - Sue Tidwell - Cries of the Savanna and an eye-opening adventure in Africa

On this episode, I'm interviewing Sue Tidwell, author of self-published Cries of the Savanna, whose goal as a non-hunter is to make people fall in love with Africa.

The book covers her terrifying, amazing, wonderful and scary adventure at Masimba Camp in Tanzania as a non-hunter. (She is not apposed to hunting). Tanzania is a remote area where the people welcome the hunters who give them the meat. The people never waste anything. They lack protein in their diet so they welcome the money (which goes for anti poaching) and meat the hunters supply. She explains about how hunting protects the habitat. They do not have the tools to hunt with, so they poison animals or set traps. She tells a story of brothers watching their herd who are attacked and his 2 brothers are eaten in from of him. She also writes about Lilian a Tanzian game scout who verifies all of her information in the book to be correct.

It was a fascinating conversation about hunting Africa as well as the struggles a self-published author faces when going forward with a project like this.


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