Justice for Refugees


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What does justice for refugees look like? Isabel Pedro joins Abi Thomas as we speak to asylum seekers, refugees and other advocates for justice for people seeking sanctuary in the UK.

With thanks to:

Neelam Banaris from the Snowdrop Project

Benafsha Yaqoobi and Mehdi Salami from Rahyab

Sonia Hicks from the Methodist Conference and Together With Refugees

Billie Anderson from Tearfund

Women for Refugee Women

[Sign up to our prayer text message service and do get involved with the Day of Action on the 6th November - in Glasgow, or at other locations across the UK. You can find out lots more from on our dedicated COP26 page here.]

Furaha Mussanzi from the Millside Centre . More from her YouTube channel and 10x9 storytelling

Dave Smith from The Boaz Trust and Jubilee Plus Refugee Network

Sue Butler from Welcome Churches

Ahmed Al Rashid from UK Welcomes Refugees

For help writing to your MP try Write To Them

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