57. You can plan not to be broke


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What's In This Episode?

Over the years Janet, who is 59, has worked out that other people can be unreliable, so she is better to plan for her own success, instead of relying on others. She is a huge forward thinker and she spends time gently tweaking all aspects of her financial life to gently steer her waka where she wants it to go. She does not earn a lot, just $798 a week, but as she said to me “I guess it’s what you do with it that matters right”? She knows her exact costs and she pays cash for them, then from her take-home pay at any one time she is saving up for a number of things that she has coming up, PLUS she is supporting her daughter through university. You can plan not to be broke and she is pretty keen to share what she has learnt so those walking along beside her can also achieve the financial peace that she has.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Mary Holm NZ Herald Column

Interviews with JL Collins on YouTube


The Ramsey Show

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