NASA Artemis 1 moon rocket launch- Is this the path to strange new worlds


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Dr Douglas takes an intuitive look ahead as NASA prepares to make a historical launching of its most powerful space craft yet, the Artemus 1. This will be the first test of NASA’s new Space Launch System and the Orion crew capsule (no crew this trip) however after 50 years, this test flight intends to pave the way for Earthlings to travel via the Artemus Rocket to the Moon. Tonight Dr Douglas will use his intuitive abilities to see the probabilities for NASA’s success in returning to the moon and beyond. Is the moon inhabitable for colonization? Will it be a staging area (or gas station) for space craft headed out to Mars or other off-world destinations? Listen in to find out. Plus here is your opportunity to be part of the show, call in with your thoughts, opinions, dreams and suggestions. The Global Village radio show is open to everyone. Even those who disagree with Dr Douglas. Join the Global Village radio show with host Dr Douglas James Cottrell PhD and cohost Doug Bentley, broadcasted World Wide every Friday evening 9 pm to 12:00am EST time. Be part of the conversation as we continue to search to understand the Noetic Sciences and explore the unknown limits of human consciousness. The Global Village Listener Hot Line call in number (from anywhere in North America) 718- 766- 4421

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