Three Years in Colorado, Plutarch's Life of Camillus, and Credentialism


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Credentialism is our word of the day. And why it matters is that there is an ignorance, folly, and hubris in assuming that everyone needs to go to college in order to do well professionally, or amount to something. In our day, there are far too many credentials handed out for the money, but not as much for their merit or that of those who will hold those credentials. And for some reason we seem to assume the merit so long as the money was exchanged, with the more money exchanged correlating to more merit, which is just absurd.

But I really do think we would all be better off if fewer of us went to college, and more of us read our Bibles and Plutarch instead, and then became conversant writing and speaking openly and in-depth with one another about what both can teach us of our heritage.

Speaking of, I want to tell you about the Life of Camillus from Plutarch in this episode. Camillus served five times as dictator in the Roman Republic, and did many noteworthy things, particularly in the 390's BC. And one story in particular of his successful siege of Falerii is worth our special attention.

Lastly, on a more personal note, this week marked three years since we moved to Greeley, Colorado. We were in the middle of renovations on the home we owned in Montana back then, and rented this house sight unseen after my little brother and his wife scoped it out for us.

Bryce and Alysseh were the only people we knew in Colorado too, and it's been good to be closer and see them more often. But the big draw for me was what the move meant for my wife and children, where better access to healthcare and education, and the facilitator for making the move was my work as an I&E Technician in the Oil and Gas industry, which I had been working in for seven years in 2019, mostly as an operator from 2012-2016.

Three years later, my wife Lauren and I are sure this was the Lord’s will, and are thankful for how He brought us here and has provided for us. That does not mean life has been easy, of course. We have had struggle, trial, heartbreak and pain here. But the Lord has blessed us here, and we are sure His purposes are good even in the midst of challenges and uncertainties.

I don’t say any of this to brag – that we move when many people seem paralyzed with fear at the idea of moving to new areas, uprooting and starting over; or that I have opportunities that come up like the one that brought us to Montana in 2012, or to Colorado in 2019. Instead, I am fixed on this, and convinced of it: that we should be content to stay when the Lord purposes for us to stay, or to go when the Lord purposes for us to go. He has always by turn purposed for His people to do both, as we read in the Scriptures – sometimes the one, sometimes the other.

You’ll never really enjoy and fully benefit from His purposes one way or the other if you are more influenced by your fear of the unknown than you are comforted by the goodness and assurances of His promises and purposes in Christ. We must remember that is the most profitable thing, come what may.

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