The Establishment Can Be Defeated!


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The Establishment Can Be Defeated By Us: One Local Election At A Time! In this Fedora Chronicles Radio Show Short, Jason Cousineau and Eric Fisk discuss how a local small-town election proves voters can take on the system and win. Normal and sane everyday people can run for office to defeat incumbents with the appearance of conflicts of interest. Jay and Eric also compare and contrast this with an article from The Hill; "Bipartisan bill would ban lawmakers from buying, selling stocks." As a side note, this episode might also serve as the first episode in an off-shoot of The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show called "The Monadnock Report," which you can already find as a Facebook group... Episode pages, notes and links: The Monadnock Report on Facebook: The Fedora Chronicles products on Zazzle Support The Fedora Chronicles on Patreon: The Fedora Chronicles Twitter: The Fedora Chronicles Parler The Fedora Chronicles on Telegram

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