E64: Jitesh Luthra (Community at Bridge & ex-Blume Ventures)


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Jitesh Luthra is leads Community for Bridge, and was previously the Platforms lead at Blume Ventures. Jitesh founded his first startup while still in college at Manipal University in the media space. After graduating with a degree in Computer Engineering, he worked with KPMG as part of their business Intelligence team, before embarking into the world of venture.

At Blume, he played a pivotal role in establishing the ‘Platforms’ initiative and helping Blume’s portfolio founders problem-solve at scale.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

What is ‘platforms’ within the context of venture? (3:50)

Evolution of the ‘platforms’ service within Indian venture and what’s driving the need for it? (9:00)

How does a fund measure ‘platforms’ and its impact? (19:40)

Why does Jitesh say that ‘platforms’ is a team role (27:30)

Managing the portfolio from a ‘platforms’ perspective (34:50)

What does a typical day for someone in platforms’ role look like? (46:55)

Maintaining goodwill and relationships (56:00)

How should funds build platforms within their firms? (1:04:40)

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