Ep. 117 - Dan Koch & Sarey Martin Concepcion "Deconstruction Revisted"


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Guest Info/Bio:

This week I welcome back Dan Koch and this time he brings along his friend Sarey Martin Concepcion. They came on the podcast to address a topic we haven’t discussed in great depth since literally episode #1. We talk all about the term deconstruction, what we mean when we use the term, and how each of our journeys began. Dan and Sarey also created an amazing library of resources for folks going through a spiritual deconstruction at www.soyouredeconstructing.com

So You’re Deconstructing was created by Sarey Martin Concepcion and Dan Koch. Dan hosts the You Have Permission podcast and is currently a doctoral student in psychology at Northwest University in Washington State. Sarey is a writer and producer, who holds a Masters in Theology from Fuller Seminary, and currently resides in Portland, OR. She is also Director of Communications for Blueprint 1543, which facilitates grant projects integrating theology and the sciences.

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Twitter: @dankoch & @sarey

Instagram: @dankoch & @doctormonalisa

Special guest music on this episode provide by: Forrest Clay

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Twitter: @clay_k

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/claykirchenbauer

Instagram: @forrestclaymusic

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Songs heard on this episode were the brand new single, “Recover” & the exclusive world debut of the forthcoming single, “Does God”

You can find Forrest Clay’s music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere good music is sold!

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