3. "WrestleMania Week...." Part 1


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The best week of the year is here as WrestleMania week is finally upon us. This jam packed week filled with WWE Raw, the Hall Of Fame, NXT TakeOver Stand and Deliver Day 1 and 2, WWE Smackdown, and of course WrestleMania Day 1 and 2 is kicked off the right way with an episode of The Daddy Fino Show hosted by ya boy Daddy Fino and Sasha "The Legit" King. In this episode, Fino and Sasha breakdown this upcoming amazing week with a full preview of both NXT TakeOver Stand and Deliver AND WrestleMania while also giving out their personal predictions for each match. Speaking of predictions, rumors are swirling around that NJPW are not the only ones debuting a new championship as The Daddy Fino Show (Daddy Fino specifically) has been internally discussing introducing some type of championship concerning predictions. What do they have up their sleeve? Episode 3 is so jam packed like WrestleMania week that it had to be broken down into 2 separate parts with this Part 1 containing The Daddy Fino Show Quick Shits and their Preview and Predictions of NXT TakeOver Stand and Deliver. Episode 3 Part 2 will contain the Preview and Predictions for WrestleMania and will release later in the week on Thursday night April 8th immediately after TakeOver Stand and Deliver.

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