Ty Haney (Outdoor Voices, Joggy, TYB) - Why she left Outdoor Voices, how brands can leverage crypto, and creating a CBD line


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This is a recording of a live interview I did with Ty Haney last month in Austin, TX. Ty is most famous for founding Outdoor Voices, the technical apparel brand whose on a mission to get the world moving. My apologies in advance, we had a lot of technical issues on the day and the quality of the recording is not great. I really appreciate Ty for being incredibly open about her journey.

We discuss:

  • The origin of Outdoor Voices
  • Why she left OV and what went wrong
  • Her introduction to crypto
  • How she founded Joggy, a plant-based / CBD brand for activity
  • Her platform TYB and why community-led brands are the future
  • Scaling a digitally-native brand today & much more

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